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  • Renato Floris

Evidence Filed in Lawsuit v. David Bret

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In 2014, I filed a lawsuit against David Bret charging defamation. As a resident of Italy, I filed the case in the Court of Asti. David Bret was served and received the due process of law according to the European Union agreements. I won the case and the verdict, with damages, was handed down in 2016.

This and the following two posts reveal the evidence filed, the verdict in the court certified English translation and the original filing.

The images below are samples of a body of evidence consisting of thousands of screenshots of David Bret's various social media accounts. He continues to add to this archive and anyone wishing to view more or all of the files please contact us.

To view all evidence as filed in the case visit the link below.

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