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2014 - The Lawsuit & Satanic Threats

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

*The following is a synopsis of the events which transpired in 2014 with excerpts from complete screenshots used under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate this narrative.

On April 16, 2014 if someone Googled my name or Affairs Valentino, this is what they found; Tracy Terhune using my blog I was forced to close in 2011, to deceive my web traffic.

By the end of 2013 and into 2014, I was compiling binders of evidence for my attorney to file in my lawsuit against David Spurr Bret, charging him with defamation. Each binder represented a topic of his abuse which at that time consisted of: My Dad, My Death, Sexual Attacks, Stalking, Attacks on Affairs Valentino, Homophobic Accusations, Stealing My Identity, The Cocaine Allegation, Copyright Infringement, Valentino's Moose, The Team and Twitter. The binders did not comprise the entire body of evidence captured over the years and were submitted as samples. Please read the entire case as filed (English translation) and review the evidence filed in the first two posts on this blog.

At that time, Great Britain was still a member of the European Union and this meant that I, as a resident of Italy, could sue Bret under existing European Union laws. Embarking on the litigation was costly but the damage begin done by Bret was significant and I had to act.

I wrote a lengthy deposition and included a request Bret's “Valentino Spoofs” which he called, “Valentino's Moose”, be declared defamatory. I also submitted a line by line analysis of one of the “Spoofs” to demonstrate how Bret attempted to hide the fact he was writing about me by changing a letter in a name, etc. with these revolting novellas indeed being all about defaming me, Renato, our work, family and friends. Bret was selling these “spoofs” as published books online and made little attempt to hide his true intent. They were sexually depraved and denigrating portrayals and I petitioned the court to specifically cite them as defamatory to have them removed from sale.

David Spurr Bret, defendant, was served notice of the lawsuit in September 2014, with the official, certified receipt of the postal service being received by the Court of Asti. He refused to sign the service but kept the papers delivered to his door.

I add all translations were officially conducted by the court or through a certified translating service approved of by the court. Such as this proof of service:

With the certified translation:

The case was officially filed in the Court of Asti, with the date of all court activities posted online.

Bret tweeted he was served but then immediately began to claim the lawsuit and the process of serving him was false and this was a fake case which I invented. It was not. We have since learned he admitted he knew this was a valid lawsuit from day one.

With the lawsuit filed and under review, Renato published the Italian translation of Affairs Valentino, L'Affare Valentino and Professor Aurelio Miccoli's fine book, The Infancy of the Myth in both English and Italian. In an effort to disprove the “team's” claims I forged documents, we also published the S. George Ullman 1975 memoir and the Affairs Valentino Companion Guide. In every case the books came under attack from Bret and Terhune utilized my previous blog Affairs Valentino blogspot. This is when Terhune began to provide the platform for Bret to defame us via comments.

In 2014, Tracy Terhune posted many biblical and satanic references on my old URL, Affairs Valentino blogspot which was then designated solely to defaming us and our work.

Bret and Terhune tagged all of their posts to the Fraud Files blog which continued to broadcast complete falsehoods about my family, my work and defame me in a heinous way. They formed a “team” in a coordinated campaign of death references, satanic threats and sexual scenarios which were still focused on incest and other perverted elements. I was baited into committing suicide and taunted with mentions of my body parts.

Here reiterating the false claim I was ever questioned in a police station and involved in a narcotics arrest. This was all false.

Here Terhune continues to accuse me of bullying him in my effort to defend myself.

There were other recruits working with them at the time; primarily two people I did not know, a Stella Grace and a Jaydon Paull.

In August of 2014, Renato and I visited family in Los Angeles, who at that time they lived in Van Nuys, California, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. During our travels that summer, I often posted a photo of myself or Renato and I did so in Van Nuys. We ate lunch with family and after I posted my selfie, Terhune posted that I was there stalking him. Unbeknownst to me, the restaurant was near Terhune's home. He has since continued to post I was there stalking him when I had no idea where he lived and still do not.

The “team” continued in a daily barrage of attacks with Bret stalking my every move. If I mentioned anything online, he would Tweet or post about it within minutes. Here another mention of my committing suicide by Bret.

I was hopeful for a positive outcome of the lawsuit which would bring a halt to the abuse and I anxiously awaited the verdict. Italian courts are notoriously slow and meanwhile we did our best to promote the new books and continued our research. We traveled to search archives and conduct interviews. I began to also work with Michael Morris on his Madam Valentino Addendum.

Throughout 2014, Bret was heavily promoting his “Spoofs” and running several hit blogs targeting us.

Throughout, Terhune continued to post images on my old blog under the title of Affairs Valentino which related to Satan and Satanic materials. Here he links again to the Fraud Files site where they posted their anonymous articles demeaning me and our work.

I fought back and defended us on several blogs which all in all made no difference and my posts just became fodder for their next days assaults.

I had no contact at this time with Ms. Hala Pickford.

Renato continued to be friends with Dom Caruso and joined his Facebook group which in 2014 was the largest Valentino Facebook forum. Dom then dubbed those attacking us as “The Unholy Four” which he designated specifically as Jeanine Villalobos, Donna Hill, Tracy Terhune and David Bret. I did not join his forum although he offered me a position of administrator.

In 2014, I was barely able to tolerate hearing any of the “team's” posts and Renato captured the daily screenshots. I had no emotional ability to join a group where I could come under even more attack. I used venues such as my personal blogs and Twitter where I posted my defense against the endless defamation by Bret and Terhune and the horror of having all the links I made previously to the Affairs Valentino blogspot URL, directed to Terhune's biblical and Satanic images.

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26 jul 2022

I feel so sorry for you both, this is beyond disgusting. You are a very brave lady, keep on with what you are doing, bullies cannot win. x

Me gusta
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