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2010 - The Defamation Begins & The Team Forms

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

(All excerpts are used under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate this narrative, including images which are filed as evidence and now public record)

The beginning of 2010, I was completing the research and writing of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino. I was pleased with my appearance the previous year at the Convegno Valentino, the Valentino conference in Turin. But by the end of 2010, my reputation was in ruins, my online search hopelessly mired in lies. In 2010, I went from high hopes for my completed work being appreciated to being known online as homophobic, a fraud, wanted by the police with warrants out on me and with a cocaine history. None of this was true.

When David Bret discovered I vetted his book on Valentino for five minutes of my thirty minute speech in Turin, he began his attacks on Hala Pickford for promoting my speech via her silent film blog, Forget the Talkies.

2010 was the first year of defamation conducted by David Spurr Bret, primarily executed from his blogspot accounts, but also from his other social media sites, i.e. a Twitter account and designated hate blogs he set up targeting Hala Pickford and me. At the time I had no affiliation with Ms. Pickford other than to be both targeted at the same time by David Bret. In the spring of 2010, we were portrayed by Bret as being connected which we were, yet only by our common enemy. His posts flooded our web searches and as this document demonstrates in May 2010 alone, Bret made 39 posts about us on just one of his blogs. In many he solicited our personal information.

As Ms. Pickford was a critic of Valentino collector, Tracy Terhune, he posted sensational articles about her on his blog designed to demean, with the first being on Christmas day 2009. This prompted Bret to seek out Tracy Terhune to form an alliance against us.

Bret ran many blogs throughout the summer of 2010 which represented some of the heaviest online bullying: doxing me, writing about my age and death on a daily basis and encouraging people to kill me by saying he would reward them. The following screenshots represent the tone of his posts and are used under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate this narrative. Hala posted her defense on her blogs including Boycott David Bret, which I was accused of running but which I had nothing to do with. I responded on a blog I titled, Valentino Speaks.

Bret claimed to have spies following Ms. Pickford and myself and this document (below) proves his point. Ms. Pickford petitioned the court to issue a restraining order on Tracy Terhune and he retaliated by suing her for defamation. Tracy Terhune filed this document with the court, to prove he never heard of David Bret previously to this exchange. But he admits reading Bret's blogs previously, so this is false. In this document he passes information on to Bret about Ms. Pickford's legal case and asks Bret to keep his name out of it. The following document is filed as public record in the Burbank Court archive.

Bret responded the following day and I add Ms. Pickford was ill and did have a boyfriend at the time.

I responded via my blog in 2010 to respond and defend myself but when Bret began to attack my recently deceased and beloved father, I closed the blog and hoped it would all go away. My not posting gave Bret, with Terhune working behind-the-scenes, the Google search advantage. Ms. Pickford captured their posts and Terhune began defaming me on his blog.

As Bret began posting images such as this when my father passed away in April 2010.

2010 saw Bret load the internet with lies that I had a drug/cocaine history, that I was homophobic, that I forged documents, had a sexual relationship with my father, that I was removed from the stage during my speech in Turin with an audience booing, etc. All of this being false.

While Ms. Pickford was testifying in court for her restraining order on Terhune, the judge asked her if she ever feared for her life from anyone else. She answered, “Yes, Jaydon Paull”. Within days Terhune and Bret recruited Paull (a.k.a. Zachery Jaydon) in their efforts against Ms. Pickford and myself.

While I was offline, Paull opened a blog called The Fraud Files and Terhune and Bret began linking to the blog and called themselves “the team.” All of their sites were connected.

In December of 2010, I moved to Turin. Devastated with my reputation in ruins online, and feeling that the book I had just spent 10 years researching and writing would never happen. I could not make a move or post a word without the instant assault from the “team”. They also began calling us the bullies and acting like our victims.

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